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Pink Argyle diamonds belong to the family of pink diamonds which are as a whole very rare and exclusive. Hence, these diamonds are usually reserved for jewellery for special occasions and are ultimately treated as family heirlooms to be passed down among generations.

Today, almost 80% of these extraordinary diamonds are mined from the Argyle Mine, Kimberley, Western Australia which is owned by the Rio Tinto group. It is the only commercially and economically viable producer of pink and red diamonds in the world as well as a large proportion of other naturally coloured diamonds such as cognac, champagne and the very rare blue diamonds. 

The reason for the rarity and high cost of pink diamonds from Argyle can be gauged from the fact that of the 20 million annual carat output of the mine, only 0.1% are classified as pink diamonds. This volume is further reduced after the diamonds are cut and polished. This is what makes these diamonds one of the most precious possessions a person can have. You can get the full range of pink Argyle diamonds from the Melbourne store of ADC in Melbourne.

There are numerous theories that have been expounded on the origin of pink diamonds as distinct from the more common white and clear diamonds. The general hypothesis is that pink diamonds have formed due to extreme and often violent pressures and fluctuation on the earth. A different theory is given for Argyle pink diamonds. It is thought that a seismic shock pushed colourless diamonds to the surface thereby altering their molecular structure and turning them pink.

All pink diamonds over 0.20 carats mined from the Argyle Mines are certified by the company. These diamonds are laser inscribed with a unique identification and lot number which is visible only under high magnification. They also come with an Argyle Pink Diamonds Gem identification and Authenticity Document.

All this ensures that the Argyle pink diamonds set on rare jewellery that you have kept for special occasions are genuine and unique.